AI Bot Eye at Quick Glance

Overview of AI Bot Eye, its purpose, capabilities and usecases.

What is AI Bot Eye?

AI Bot Eye is a AI based video surveillance software that integrates with your existing CCTV cameras. This enables you to upgrade your security system without upgrading all the cameras with the help of AI.

Overview : AI Bot Eye - Auto CCTV Surveillance

What can AI Bot Eye do?

AI Bot Eye being a powerful Intelligent Video Surveillance system can integrate with your existing CCTV system and empowers you with the power of AI for your security and surveillance needs.AI BOT EYE comes with 12 modes that can run on any camera and provide you with intelligent insights and analytics. Some of these modes are :

  1. Intrusion Detection Mode : Get alert when someone is intruding.
  2. Foot Traffic Mode : Count the number of people entering and exiting a gate.
  3. Strong Room Mode : Record all activities a person does from the time he enters a room until he exits.
  4. Gate Keeping Mode : Secure your gate for vehicles entering and exiting with their number plates.
  5. Speed Cam Mode : Keep in check the speed of vehicles passing by the premises.

Essentially AI Bot Eye can reduce your recurring expense on security by optimizing with AI technology and make you feel more at peace.

Who is it good for?

AI Bot Eye is a critical security upgrade that any business or residential society should have.Here are some use cases :

  1. Office Security: Keep your office assets secure with AI BOT EYE. Track key movements and maintain tight security protocols, ensuring peace of mind for everyone in the workplace.
  2. Protection against Parcel Theft : Prevent parcel thefts from your doorstep. AI BOT EYE detects and deters unauthorized individuals, keeping your deliveries safe until you return home.
  3. Gated Society Security: Enhance security in gated societies by restricting access to authorized individuals only. AI BOT EYE’s advanced monitoring capabilities prevent unauthorized entry and ensure the safety of residents.
  4. Petrol Pump Safety: Improve safety measures at petrol pumps to prevent accidents and compliance issues. AI BOT EYE monitors customer behavior and ensures adherence to safety protocols, reducing the risk of incidents and penalties.
  5. Jewelry Showroom Security: Protect high-value assets in jewelry showrooms from thefts and break-ins. AI BOT EYE provides comprehensive surveillance and real-time alerts to mitigate security risks effectively.
  6. School Bullying Prevention: Address bullying issues in schools by deploying AI BOT EYE cameras to monitor hallways and common areas. Facial recognition helps identify potential bullies and ensures timely intervention.
  7. Factory SOP Compliance: Ensure adherence to standard operating procedures (SOPs) in factories to enhance productivity and safety. AI BOT EYE monitors operator activities and alerts supervisors to deviations, promoting a culture of compliance.
  8. Corporate Attendance Management: Streamline employee attendance tracking in corporate settings with AI BOT EYE’s facial recognition technology. Say goodbye to manual punch-ins and buddy punching, ensuring accurate attendance records.
  9. Public Event Security: Enhance security at large public events by identifying potential criminals and maintaining crowd safety. AI BOT EYE’s facial recognition capabilities assist law enforcement in identifying and managing security threats effectively.
  10. Home Security: Ensure the safety of elderly family members at home, even when you’re away on vacation, by receiving real-time alerts and monitoring their well-being remotely. Using Face Recognition, you can receive the pictures of people other than your own family who is visiting home.


1. Edge Device ( On Site )

Your data never go out of your machine. We deploy a device that connects to the CCTV system and you start receiving smart notifications in your mobile app or WhatsApp.

2. Cloud 

We connect AI BOT EYE to your CCTV through cloud and internet. No edge device or other deployments required on site. You get smart notifications on mobile app or WhatsApp.

Mobile Appliation and Desktop Application

Arm/Disarm Cameras

Set different modes every camera

Get Notifications and Alarms

Live Stream

Watch Playback

Get WhatsApp Alerts

To get AI Bot Eye, simply fill in the Contact form or get in touch with us at 9016310001. We will give you a demo and explain how we can help in your usecase.