Upgrade your cCTV with AI

AI BOT EYE Integrates with your CCTV system and delivers intelligent insights.

Intrusion Detection

Get alert when someone is entering a secured area.

Face Recognition

Record and recognize everybody entering the premises.

Fire and Smoke Detection

Monitor all cameras for Fire and Smoke.

Speed Cam Mode

Monitor the speed of passing traffic and elevate safety.

Safety Kit Detection

Ensure worker safety with Safety compliances.

HeatMaps Insights

Understand how people move across the area.

Foot Traffic Analysis

Count the number of people entering and exiting the gate.

Numberplate recognition

ANPR for Gate Keeping. Keep your premise secured.

Solutions by AI Bot Eye

Intrusion Detection With CCTV - AI Bot Eye

Intrusion Detection System

AI-Bot-Eye’s Intrusion Detection System uses cutting-edge AI technology to provide real-time surveillance and accurate intrusion detection. Ensure the utmost safety and security of your premises with our advanced system.

Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) System

Experience a revolution in vehicle entry and exit management with AI-Bot-Eye’s ANPR System. Our state-of-the-art solution leverages artificial intelligence to automatically recognize vehicle number plates, ensuring efficient and secure vehicle management on your premises.

Advanced Security Solutions

Tailor your security needs with AI-Bot-Eye’s customizable solutions. Whether you need precision human detection, adaptable number plate recognition, or specific analysis, we have the perfect solution for your unique requirements. Some of the customized security solutions include:

  • Shop lifting detection
  • Car make and model detection

Why Choose AI Bot Eye?

Works with any CCTV

AI BOT EYE works with any cctv for which the rtsp stream is available. Protect your property by upgrading your CCTV system with AIBOTEYE.

Intrusion Alerts on WhatsApp

Get images of intruders on WhatsApp. These messages not only alerts you but also act as evidence.

Advanced AI Applications

Our system is equipped with a constantly growing modules for advanced industrial needs to include customized object tracking and video analytics.

Unlocking the Future with Intel:
Our Strategic Partnership

Intel AI Bot Eye Partnership Announcement

Explore the synergy of innovation as AI Bot Eye proudly announces its partnership with Intel. Together, we are shaping the future of AI-driven security solutions. Discover how our collaboration leverages Intel’s cutting-edge technology to redefine the landscape of smart security. Dive deeper into the article to uncover the power of this strategic alliance.

Customization and Integrations with AI BOT EYE

Tailoring Security to Your Needs

Seamless Integration with Your Infrastructure

Experience the Future of Security with AI Bot Eye

At AI Bot Eye, we invite you to embark on a journey towards a safer, smarter future. Our AI-driven security solutions are more than just technology; they are your gateway to transforming your security infrastructure and redefining peace of mind.

Step into a world where protection meets efficiency, where every moment is secured, and every insight is a step ahead.


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